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The plasma panel sensor (PPS) and microcavity-PPS, including the new “microhexcavity plasma panel”, have a broad range of possible applications in addition to nuclear and high energy physics. However, the new ultra-fast, transmissive (UFT) beam monitor has a much greater market potential since it is designed for both particle and photon external beam radiation therapy (EBRT), as well as nuclear and high energy physics.




As mentioned in some of the previous sections, the list of possible applications for the two basic technologies of PPS and UFT is exceptionally broad. Some examples are:


  • External Bream Radiation Therapy (e.g., photons, protons, electrons, ions, neutrons)

  • Nuclear Physics (NP) and High Energy Physics (HEP) Research

  • Medical & Industrial Radiography

  • Particle–CT Imaging (e.g., proton-CT, electron-CT and neutron-CT imaging)

  • Neutron & Radioactive Materials Detection / Homeland Security

  • Detecting Radioactive Materials at a Distance or Remotely (e.g., radioactive spills)

  • Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Non-Destructive Testing & Materials Inspection

  • Industrial Accelerator Beam Monitoring (e.g., food & instrument sterilization, lithography) 

  • Cosmic Muon Imaging (e.g., archaeology)

  • Neutron Scattering & Materials Research

  • Nuclear Power Plant Safety

  • Very High Temperature, Fast Response Flame Monitors